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NFT 001 Time Singularity 1.34 ETH

What an NFT is?

An NFT is any element that can be designed and live in the digital world. Art pieces, audios; anything you can imagine. And it is called a token. In the case of the term "Non-fungible", it refers to its uniqueness. An element that cannot be replaced.

The future of the crypto world

Johnny Depp, Tony Hawk, Elon Musk or Shawn Mendes are some of the celebrities who are already participating in the crypto world and are generating incredible profits online thanks to NFT's; an increasingly profitable trend development.

An NFT increases in value over time!

Latest technology NFT

Why betting on Nakagames?

Nakagames is the first platform that bets on the opening of a growing market, thanks to the possibilities of NFT technology and Smart Contracts.

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At Nakagames we love multiplayer mode, because we play as a team.

With this philosophy we provide innovative solutions to the crownfunding landscape and we are spearheading a market that is consolidating day by day.

Unlock Premium Benefits,
when you purchase your NFT for only $250

Game availability
$450,000 in rewards
Blockchain Security
Property rights
Exclusive prizes and rewards

Begin and win with CANCUN GAMES!

Just follow the in-game prompts and immediately receive a certificate* for a $2,299 vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

Advance to the next level

Recommend Cancun Game and connect with others to acquire their own NFT, and earn $125 in BTC.

Cancun game provides payment every day and allows you to be part of the matrix (3 X 15).

Once you purchase our Cancun Game, you will be positioned in our matrix from the very first moment.

If you refer two people directly, you get $250 and your NFT is practically free!

Every time you add a new member to your team, you get $5 in commissions, so you never stop earning!

Awards are paid every Monday!

You earn the highest number of points by registering direct participants, and if you are among the first 117, you receive more benefits!

In addition, there is also a weekly contest. It starts every Saturday and ends the following Friday at midnight.